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LEADER and the LAG

What is LEADER?

Leader is one of the four initiatives financed by the EU structural fund and was formed to assist rural communities in accounting for long-term possibilities of their local region. The initiative is largely aimed at partnerships and networks for exchanging experience by support to implementation of integrated, high-quality and original sustainable development strategies. A total of € 5,046.5 million was earmarked for the 2000-2006 period of which € 2,105.1 million from the EAGGF Guidance Section and the rest from public and private contributions.


  • The Leader approach includes at least the following elements:
  • regional local development strategies aimed at well-defined sub-regional rural areas;
  • local private-public partnerships (hereinafter: “the Local Action Groups”);
  • bottom-up approach including the decision-making competence of the Local Action Groups in preparation and implementation of the local development strategy;
  • multi-sector strategy preparation and implementation based on common action of players and projects from different sectors of the local economy;
  • innovative approaches;
  • cooperation project Implementation;
  • setting up local partnership networks;


A partnership approach to the local development is implemented by the Local Action Groups which must meet the following conditions:

  • propose a comprehensive local development strategy based at least on the elements listed in Article 61(1)(a) through (d) and (g) and be in charge of its implementation;
  • be composed either from a group already trained in the Leader II or Leader initiatives or in line with the Leader approach or a new group representing partners from different socioeconomic sectors from the relevant area;
  • at the decision-making level, economic and social partners and other representatives of the civil society such as farmers, women and the young as well as their associations must represent at least 50% of the local partnership;
  • proving the ability to identify and implement the development strategy for the area.

The management body ensures that the Local Action Groups either select an administrative and financial manager capable of managing public funds and provide for satisfactory operation of the partnership or join in a structure with the general legal status which will ensure satisfactory operation of the partnership and the ability of managing public funds.

The area chosen must have sufficient coherence and critical mass in terms of human, financial and economic resources to support a viable local development strategy.

The Local Action Groups select projects financed within the strategy. They can also select cooperation projects.


The Axis 4 of the RDP 2007-2013 envisages thee measures for a comprehensive implementation of the LEADER approach.

  • Implementation of the local development strategies;
  • encouragement of inter-regional and cross-border cooperation;
  • conducting of local action groups, acquisition of know-how and animation areas.

Important material on the subject of LEADER and the LAG can be obtained at the EU website.

Contact – LEADER office in Slovenia

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Rural Development Department LEADER Office Dunajska 58, Ljubljana tel: +386/1/478 93 58 +386/1/478 91 28 fax: +386/1/478 90 56 e - mail: leader.mkgp[@]