LAG Society for Rural Development of the Land between Snežnik and Nanos

Newsletter 25th Feb 2014


Many congratulations to the Slovenian Winter Games athletes who are delivering excellent results!

The managing board will have a session on February 25,2014. We will discuss the annual report and plans for 2014. The members will be informed about the new Leader programme for the next timeframe.

Two members took part in the meeting of all Slovenian LAGs and visited the Italian LAG Langhe Roero Leader in Piedmont - observing best practice. Photos from this visit are presented on the LAG Facebook site. Reports will be presented by the end of the week on the Association for the development of Slovenian countryside's website

LAG DRSPN officaly joined the Regional Destination Organisation (RDO) Postojnska jama –Zeleni kras. LAG will be active in developing and promoting tourism in our region. We also invite all our members to become a member of the RDO and support new development. The application form is on the website of Zeleni kras.


A few workshops are coming up soon:

1: Prepare yourself for carnival (Pust) and Ash Wednesday (Pepelnica). You can take part in chef Rihard Baša's cooking lessons in Jasen (Ilirska Bistrica), where he will prepare typical seasonal dishes, cooked or fried. For information and application, phone 031 / 209 629 or mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , the fee is 25 €.

2: Workshop »Sprouts – culinary uses« planned for March 14, 2014.

3: Workshop »Winter cutting of kernel trees« is taking place on Tuesday , February 25, 2014 at 7 pm in the Slavina town hall (Kulturni dom, Slavina 31, Prestranek). Following the theoretical part there will be a chance to practice, exact date to be announced at the first session.

In the first worshop we will learn more about the growth, fertility and the main growth laws for #Kernel trees# (apple, pear,quince, nešplja etc.). We will also find what can be done to repair and heal trees damaged in the recent ice disaster.          

             More information enclosed in invitation.