LAG Society for Rural Development of the Land between Snežnik and Nanos

About us


The LAG  "Local Government Society for Rural Development in the Region between Snežnik and Nanos" was established at our first general meeting in Narin on October 26th, 2007. The first general meeting was attended by 64 members who voted in the by-laws of the Society and elected its governing body. The society is registered as an independent legal entity in accordance with the “Societies Act.”


The society’s aim is to develop the local area by using the LEADER principles and utilising local resources. The society is active in the regions of Ilirska Bistrica, Pivka and Postojna and has a registered office at Bazoviška 14, in Ilirska Bistrica. The society covers an area of 972 km2 with 34,710 people.


The society performs the functions of a local action group, according to Council Regulation no. 1698/2005 of September 20th, 2005 supporting rural development by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Rural Development Programme of the Republic of Slovenia 2007-2013.


The society’s administrative tasks include financial management, basic administration and reporting. The society implements tasks and projects approved by its Managing Board and the General Meeting, which are aligned with the local development strategy 2007-2013. Specific local priorities, development possibilities and other factors which are of interest to the local community must be taken into account.


The main tasks of the society are coordination and guidance of the rural project activities done by different public and private entities, linking farming with non-farming activities and coordinating projects so they don’t overlap or get duplicated; also to encourage cooperation and pursue a common interest.


The society receives a percentage of its required financing from public funds (local, national and European,) a portion from applications for various tenders and invitations, by marketing services and from other sources (membership fees etc).

The society’s assets comprise cash and other assets obtained from membership fees, gifts & legacies, donations and performance of its activities as well as from public funds and other sources, additionally from the society’s real estate and  property and material rights. The society is prohibited from distributing its assets to the members. Any distribution of the society’s property to its members is deemed void. Any surplus of revenue above expenditure may be spent only on the activities for which the society was established or for non-profit activities specified in the By-Laws.